iTerra Mi875

Ideal for Office Use, Oil and Gas Trucks, Rigs and Offshore Platforms


Available in both desktop and rackmount configurations for ultimate versatility.

iTerra Mi875 Printer
iTerra Mi875 Printer
Fanfold Color Printer for Well Logging, Directional Drilling, Mud Logging and Horizontal Drilling

Developed for the oil and gas industry, the iTerra Mi875 is the fastest, field-proven well log printer on the market. Powered by Memjet technology, this ruggedized fanfold inkjet printer uses one printhead and 5 ink channels which allows users to print vibrant colored well logs on demand, while cutting operation costs nearly in half.

The Basics: What You Need To Know
  • 8.75" Color, Fanfold Inkjet Printer

  • Low cost, high quality imaging

  • Unbeatable print speed up to 6 IPS (inches per second)

  • Easy to operate

  • Built for field or office use; rackmount or desktop capabilities

  • No more waste or overruns

  • Each color comes from five channels (CMYKK) delivered via large, long lasting snap-in ink cartridges

Features & Benefits
  • Powered by Memjet technology, users can now print blistering-fast color on demand while cutting operating costs nearly in half.

  • Micro stepping technology that produces ultra smooth high resolution, delivers clear, crisp images and uncompromising image quality, print after print.

  • Registration among colors are highly accurate.

  • Print dot management for best print quality and longer print head life.

  • The qualified fanfold paper has a top of form mark that ensures the printer aligns the first page automatically for every job, allowing you to send once and print many.

iTerra Mi875 Ink Channels

iTerra Mi875 Ink Channels