iTerra Elite II

Ideal for Well Logging, Directional Drilling, Mud Logging and Horizontal Logging


Developed for the Oil & Gas Market, the new generation iTerra Elite II printer is remarkably fast and efficient, providing a low cost of ownership while raising productivity.  The iTerra Elite II features unattended and continuous printing capability with automatic top of form and an automatic cutter - allowing the user to print multiple jobs without intervention.

iTerra Elite II Printer
iTerra Elite II Printer
Every Feature Is Designed To Give The User The Power To Do More In Less Time

Powered by single pass color LED digital print technology, the iTerra Elite II delivers exceptional image quality and enhanced detail. While printing at 6”per second the iTerra Elite II maintains its vibrant, wide spectrum color.

The Basics: What You Need To Know
  • 8.5” Color LED Printer

  • Print on demand technology

  • Low total cost of ownership

  • Print widths up to 8.5" (215.9mm) wide  

  • High speed imaging, prints at speeds up to 6 IPS

  • Built for an office environment

  • Print resolution of 300 or 600 dpi

  • Individual large capacity toners

  • Automatic Top of Form

  • Automatic cutter

Features & Benefits
  • Unattended and continuous printing

  • Accommodates a large continuous paper supply and can automatically cut between print jobs

  • LED technology enables faster document throughput allowing the user to produce more in less time

  • The printer will process multiple file copies quickly as it has an internal hard drive to store larger quantities of incoming data. Send one, print many.

  • User intervention is minimal. The iSys qualified fanfold paper has a top of form mark that ensures the printer aligns the first page of every plot, every time

  • All print jobs can be collected in the output basket or organized in a neat stack using the optional autostacker located at the back of the printer